This powerhouse metal band from New Jersey is comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Mike LaMastro, bassist Eric Mangual, drummer Bob Mangual and lead guitarist Mike Wilday. After a string of Eps in the 1990’s, their debut album ‘Hung Well’ was introduced in 2002 and then re-released in June 05′ under No Joke Records (L.A., CA). In 2008, NUSE released Forever Starts Today, which included their underground hit Beat to Death.

In 2012, Nuse took their music to a national level with the release of All American Beat Down (May, 2012). During production, songs like “Breath & Fluid”, “War Face”, & “Free Tattoos” gained the attention of multi-platinum engineer Obie O’Brien. All American Beat Down was then delivered to Ryan Smith (AC/DC, Lamb of God, Ozzy Osbourne, The Beatles, Iron Maiden and many more) at Sterling Sound, NYC for mastering.

Since its release on May 18th 2012, All American Beat Down has received world-wide recognition through on-line affiliates such as Pandora Radio, iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Spotify, etc. In summer/fall of 2012, All American Beat Down reached #5 in Kansas City, #8 in New York, #7 in Philadelphia, & #5 in Hawaii Markets.

NUSE built upon the success of All American Beat Down with the release of 2018’s the Pain Collection. The single Top Hat Man reached the top 10 in New York and Philadelphia markets. The Pain Collection has received worldwide recognition remains Nuse’s bestselling album to date.

While formed as a five-piece, Nuse has been operating as a “power trio” since 1998. In October of 2020, Nuse added guitarist Mike Wilday Jr. to the line-up. Mike Wilday has played with several underground metal power houses over the last three decades, most notably Ixion Lux and Spin Psykill.

Mike Wilday adds a completely new dimension to Nuse. The layered guitars, the melodies, the harmonization, and the dual solo exchanges bring a whole new flavor & increased level of power to the band. Nuse’s 2021 release – Evilution – Vol. I displays this new dynamic and powerful evolution of the band’s sound.

Opening Act For:
Bio-Hazard, Cannibal Corpse, Clutch, Soul Fly, Entombed, M.O.D, Merciful Fate, The Misfits, Murphy’s Law, Napalm Death, Nuclear Assault, Overkill, Propain, Scar the Martyr (Joey Jordison of Slipknot), Shattered Sun, Testament, Type O Negative